Friday, November 30, 2012

Creating a Christmas Calendar

I'm still working on my 2013 Calendar for this year. Every year I create a calendar of my kids for my close relatives. I usually just use the photos that I've taken all year long, but for some reason, this year, I can't find any good photos. I'm not sure what I was doing that was so important that I didn't have time to take any decent photos of my kids. So now I'm at the 11th hour rushing to throw together a photo shoot. That always will go well, because as we all know, your kids always cooperate when you are in a rush. 

This reminds me of the first calendar I created. My baby was only 2 months old so I took a couple of days to dress her up and take a crazy amount of photos using my little digital camera that only took 3 mega pixel pictures.

I can't remember which online company I used back in 2004, but today I use Walgreens photo calendar. You can type in special dates and it saves them from year to year, but watch out, if you save a wrong date, its in there too. My aunt can't seem to understand why I get her birthday wrong every year.

I've come a long way in 8 years, but I did a pretty good job my first try at creating a calendar back in 2004. Below are the Pictures. Enjoy!