Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hanging Kids Artwork... Artfully

What do you do with all the artwork you kids bring home from school? 'Cause there is only so much room on your fridge.

When I was at my local office supply store, a giant light bulb went on over my head when I saw these little Bulldog clips. You can find them online at office max. You can even find them with a little magnet on the back OfficeMax Magnetic Bulldog Clips, 1-1/4" W (Google Affiliate Ad). Now all I needed was ribbon, florist wire, and a nail to turn my basement steps area into an art gallery, while simultaneously cleaning up the kitchen counter that had piles of my daughter's artwork.

The first thing I had to do was make a bow. Which is basically looping the ribbon around itself in a 2 -4 inch strip, folding it in half to find the middle, snip either side, wrap the florist ribbon around the middle tightly, then pull out each of the loops. You HAVE to use wired ribbon unless you are a bow making expert, which I am NOT. My bows always look somewhat mangled and deformed, but that doesn't stop me from making them and it shouldn't stop you either.

An aside, if you like to look as if you've spend a decent amount of time at a gentleman's club, then by all means, use glitter ribbon to make a bow.  I had glitter on my lap, in my face, in my hair, on the floor, on the walls and I'm sure I'll still be vacuuming it up 2 weeks from now. What a mess.

Anyway, I wired the bow to the clip, put a nail in the wall, stuck my precious art in the clip and hung it on the nail. Ta Da!!! Overall, I think it looks great going down to the basement. However my bow making needs work so I'll give myself an  A- for this project. The great thing about this project is that it cost less than 14 dollars and took about 20 minutes to hang 4 pictures (minus the time       
                I spent running the vacuum).

Grade: A- 
Skill Level: Low
Difficulty Level: Low
Frustration Level: Medium (if you use glitter bows)
Price: $