Saturday, November 3, 2012

So that is my garden with a little trick photography using a long exposure. It took me 6 years to get my garden to look like this and took me 3 hours to take this picture. I've recorded none of it. I do a lot of interesting projects and people are so amazed, 'How'd ya do that?" they ask. But I don't remember because I'm already concentrating and onto my next project. I've built my son a train table, made a cascading water fountain, stepping stones,  painted columns to look EXACTLY like marble, made a pond, installed closet shelving, built a chicken coup, hooked up the landscape lighting in my yard (shown above),  created calendars of my kids every year, threw fabulous home birthday parties, put molding in my house, and even made a chandelier. But I never recorded any of my trials and tribulations.

I decided to start this blog 'Mom Attempts...' to show the trials and tribulations of all my projects. And now I'm going to attempt to learn how to make videos and upload them to this blog. So this is my 3 step plan for my new attempt...

1) Create blog (CHECK, DID IT)
2) Video tape my project (STARTED BUT NOT EDITED)
3) Figure out how to edit a video and upload it (Can't be that hard, i see teens to it all the time)

Hopefully this will not will be one of my abandoned projects sent to the land of unwanted crafts (like my soap carving project)

Wish me luck!!!