Sunday, December 23, 2012

Creating Christmas Ornaments.

This year I saw plenty of clear glass ornaments on sale at the craft stores for a pretty decent price. I couldn't buy glass ornaments that inexpensive from a department store and the only thing I had to do is fill them, but with what? 


I just Love Pinterest. I found a few pointers on how to make a beautiful, expensive looking glitter ornaments from the clear glass ones. You just need the clear glass ornament,  glitter and something to make the glitter stick. I have seen two suggestions to make the glitter adhere to the glass: Mod Podge and floor wax. (Click here for video) Since this isn't 1950, I don't own floor wax and wasn't about to go out and get some for a glitter ornament project. What I did have was Pledge, Mod Podge and Mop and Glo multi-surface floor cleaner. I decided to do an experiment.

The Mod Podge and the Pledge were a total flop, don't even bother trying it. You couldn't get the stuff inside of the glass ball, nor could you spread it around the inside of the ball. The final product looked uneven when completed. I did have success with the multi-surface floor cleaner!! The final product was amazing!!!


I had a bag of feathers left over from one of my kid's school projects. They are brightly colored and very exciting. I separated them into piles of similar colors, filled the balls with the feathers, used the back of a pencil to position them inside the ball, and wow did they turn out great looking!!! They have a sort of smoky/ swirling effect and it is not very apparent they are feathers until you really stare at them. I actually liked the look of these more than the glitter ornaments  The only problem was, while I was separating the feathers on the kitchen counter top, my son decided to start up his tiny remote control helicopter at the exact same time right next to me. He has an entire house to fly this thing in, but he had to do it right next to a pile of feathers. Keep in mind, he hasn't looked at this toy for months until the second I dumped the bag of feathers on the counter. Needless to say, I'm still finding feathers all over the house. Ugh, KIDS!


FRUSTRATION LEVEL: MODERATE (Must keep kids away to minimize mess)