Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Making a Pet Cage Cozy

Are you tired of looking at your pet's mess all over your floor? I sure as heck am. Candy (Lion head bunny) and Tina (Senegal parrot) sure do make a mess that I do not appreciate cleaning up every day. 

Jo-Ann fabrics and crafts was having a sale on fleece material recently for 4 dollars a yard. I ran through all the things that I could use if for, in my head, and I came up with this pet cozy idea!!! I bought 4 yards for this project because my bunny is in a cage with a perimeter of 10 feet and I wanted to make sure that I gave myself a little wiggle room. What's good about this material is that it doesn't fray when when you cut it, this means that stitching up a hem is unnecessary. I hate to sew!!! 

I got out my fabric, fabric sheers, dollar ribbon, and a hole punch.

You can forget about the whole punch. It does not work on fleece. That was a big FAIL.

Sharp scissors is a must for this project. I know you have those ratty ones in your junk drawer that you use for cutting chicken, wrapping paper and opening packaging of kid's toys. Don't even think about using that!! Put that sorry excuse for a tool back in the drawer and buy yourself decent pair of $25 fabric scissors and only ever use them on fabric.  At the end of the day, you will thank me.

First I cut the fabric to measure twice the height I wanted it and folded it in half.  I cut small holes through both layers of fleece at the top and bottom of the fabric. Then used ribbon to tie it to the cage starting at the door opening.  When I got to the part near the litter pan, i unfolded the fabric, cutting a slit in it to make it higher in that area, this way it will catch what ever Candy kicks out of the  litter pan.

When I got to the end of the cage I cut the fleece to the exact size of the cage. Notice how messy the cage is, I just cleaned it shortly before I started this project.  Its a mess inside, but clean on the outside of the cage

 And I made one for Tina too... Can you find her in the cage?

I've had these for a month now and they are really working well to reduce the mess. This is especially true for Tina (the bird), she drops seeds everywhere but now that mess is contained to the cage. Candy and Tina chew everything, EXCEPT the fleece.  They did both chew the ribbon that I used to tie the fleece to the cage so I swapped out the ribbon and used paper clips instead. You could also use florist wire as well, (I can't find mine since the kids took it).  What's nice is that you can wash it in the machine, but I recommend that you take out the paper clips and ribbon first. It washes  nicely!!! 

I still have some fabric left over from this project... I wonder what I can do with it next...

Grade: B (should have used the paper clip from the beginning)

Skill Level:Easy

Difficulty Level:Easy

Frustration Level: Easy