Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Canvas Art

Did you ever take a picture that you absolutely LOVED and wondered "How in the world did my little dinky 5 mega pixel Cannon with zoom action take such a fantastic picture?"  Then you purchase 4x6 prints from some online photo shop, stick it in a photo album, never to be seen again. 

Well, I've got a better idea. Why not make it into art for your house? This way you can admire your fantastic picture all day long.  

There was a sale at Mpix.com on Canvas Gallery Wraps. I Was able to get the 8x10 wrap with a nice discount. Sale prices always entice me to try a product.  The canvases range from $55 to $170, depending on size. I realize that some may think the cost pricey, until you see what they look like on your wall. It looks like an expensive piece of art. I'll never buy art again, or even an expensive frame. You can spend more than $170 to have a picture framed alone, I think this is a better option.

It would make a fantastic gift for a grandparents, or even just a treat for yourself.  I know as soon as my mom sees this on my wall she's going to want one!!!

Grade: A

Skill Level: Low

Difficulty Level: Easy

Frustration Level: Low

Price: $$ to $$$