Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Stash Gifts

So one of my craft friends suggested we do a craft exchange. She is big into mustaches so when I saw this on piccsy.com I KNEW I had to make her one and ship it to Florida. I made a printable with all different mustache shapes and sizes so that you can make one too!!!
The materials for this project are a glass jar and Painters Opaque Bright Medium Markers . I bought a Ball canning jar because my glass recycling just went out yesterday. I could kick myself for tossing all those glass jars into recycling can.When I first used the acrylic "Painters" marker, it scratched right off. I happen to know that sometimes acrylic will bake on glass, but couldn't find any instructions on this particular marker brand on the internet.  I decided to experiment with what I had. Shockingly, I got the bake time correct the first time. Complete instructions are below.

1) Print out the printable sheet at the bottom of the blog

2) Cut out and around the mustache you like

3) Tape the cutout inside your glass jar

4) Trace the image with the acrylic paint pen on top of the glass jar

5) Let it dry for 24 hours

6) Scratch off any mistakes with a toothpick

7) Put the painted jar in a cool oven (DO NOT PRE-HEAT). Turn the oven on at 320 degrees and set the timer for 30 minutes. At the end of 30 minutes turn off the oven and allow the glass jar to cool inside the oven. This is so your glass will not crack (Cracking happens when glass is exposed to extreme changing temperatures)

There is not a person on this planet who's printing is worse than mine, but apparently I can easily trace over something and it will turn out decent. There is no reason why your's won't turn out just as wonderful, so invest the three bucks in the Painters acrylic pen and give these small gifts to your friends, to your kid's teachers, to your mom! I can't wait to ship these to my crafting girlfriend as a thank-you! She is such a great crafter and her blog inspired me to start my own!

Grade: A 

Skill Level: Low

Difficulty Level: Easy

Frustration Level: Low

Price: $

Print out the picture below to get started!!!
Print me!