Friday, March 15, 2013

Making a Wreath

I have nothing to hang on my front door this time of year.  I decided to attempt to hang a natural wreath on my front door.  I live in the North East and it is cold enough this time of year to keep a natural wreath on your door for about a month until it starts falling apart. 
I have this beautiful blue spruce in the back yard so I took some clippings from the bottom of the tree, not the middle or the top. You don't want to make the tree ugly, you still have to look at it.
Materials: Green florist wire, branch clippers, wire cutters and an evergreen tree. The florist wire is around 2 or 3 dollars.
 I cut the florist wire into 12 - 5 inch strips. I used clippers to trim down the branches to be the length  of my elbow to my wrist. Anything left over, I cut off the main branch so I could have fill in pieces. I laid down the main branches and tied them together from tip to end, securing them in two places, on each branch with the florist wire. 

Unfortunately, the darn thing was floppy. Apparently the wired branches will not hold a circle when picked it up. I looked around the garage for something with a circle shape... and found a hula hoop that I made last year from an irrigation hose. I wrapped the florist wire around the hula-hoop and the branches to secure the floppy wreath on the hula-hoop. I shoved in the filler branches in any place that looked thin, put a bow on it and TA DA! 

My daughter was a little annoyed to see her hula-hoop on the front door. Now I realize that I could have used a wire hanger and shaped it into a circle instead of using her hula-hoop. Next time I will give that a try. Another thing I would have done differently is use gloves, I scratched the heck out of my hands and forearms.

Grade: A 

Skill Level: Low

Difficulty Level: Easy

Frustration Level: Low

Price: $ (Florist wire is only around 3 dollars)