Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cone Christmas Trees

The watering can is in the tub to hold the vine under water
I was going to buy one of those floral cones so that I could make a cone Christmas tree...YIKES, those  things are expensive!!! So I decided to attempt to use grapevine to make a Christmas tree.  I have tons of it out back. I made a wreath last year out of it and it was super easy. 
 I soaked he grapevine in the tub overnight. The next day rapped them in tight coils, tied them with twine to hold the shape and let it dry for another night. That stuff is a mess. It leaves wood droppings everywhere and the wood sometimes snaps when you are trying to wrap tight coils.

The next day, I cut the twine holding the coil and it basically held its shape. When I stacked the coils on top of each other, I could CLEARLY see that this wasn't gonna work. It looked like a stack of coiled branches. I needed something to hold it up like a stick, so I looked outside and saw some bamboo stakes in the ground that held up my tomatoes in the summer. I ran outside and ripped that sucker out of the ground (boy was that frozen in there). The stick wouldn't stand up by itself so I decided I needed a base.

Lucky I do so many projects that I have stuff left over from something I did years ago. I had cement and class tiles, so I mixed the cement, poured it on a paper plate and put on the glass tiles for a decorative effect. 

After I hot glued my stick onto my base, and tried to figure out how to hot glue the grapevine to the base. I realized, unfortunately, this STILL wasn't gonna work. I needed more grapevine, and honestly, I've already spent 2 days on this project, and there was no guarantee that it would look right anyway, so I put this in the "Abandoned" craft pile at my house.

At least my elf now has a stripper pole.

Grade: F
Skill Level: High
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Frustration Level: 
High (took too long to make)
Cost: $

I will give this a second attempt at some time in the future.