Monday, December 23, 2013

Mixed Media Art Nativity

My very Catholic friend wanted a huge nativity for her front lawn and I told her if I had a jigsaw and some more time that I could do it for her. Alas, it is the day before Christmas Eve and I've run out of time. Maybe next year. 

Since I've been into mixed media and paper art, I've decided to make her a nativity on a tiny canvas that she can hang in her home.  I searched through the internet for some ideas for inspiration.

I have a printable here for you to use. You can cut out Mary, Joesph and Jesus on card stock and use it as a template to trace around. Originally I was going to put the family over the heart using different scrap booking papers, but I loved what the song looked like so much, I decided to just trace the family in the heart. You can do whatever you like.

    Small Canvas
    Cream Card Stock 
    Tsukineko Fireworks Spray Blue set of 3
    Faber-Castello Color Gelatos
    Perfect Pearls Mists
    Glitter Glue
    Paper Glue
    Yellow and White Slick Pen for fabric
    Black Sharpie Pen

1) Print out the below picture on card stock and cut out the pieces to use as a tracing template on your chosen scrap book paper, or trace it directly in the heart over the song "Away in the Manger." 

2) Spray the canvas with the fireworks and let it dry.

3)Use the gelatos to color in my pieces of Jesus, Mary and Joesph. For the clothing, I used the darker colored gelato out the outside and lighter inside. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of gelato's when they are blended with fingers and thumbs. I cut used the plain paper for the faces, but you can use any paper you like. Cut out a star with the remaining paper.

4) (optional) Spray the pieces of Mary Jesus and Joesph with the Perfect Pearls Mists and let that dry.

5) On the blue canvas, sponge in a large white heart and try to blend it into the blue for a nice highlighting.

6) Glue everything together on the canvas once it is all dry.

7) Use the glitter glue, stamps and slick pens to add detail.

8) Outline with sharpie.

10) Decoupage.

I'm not much of an artist, but I can draw simple shapes, unfortunately, every time I draw baby Jesus he looks suspiciously like Kenny from South Park. What do you think?

Grade: A
Skill Level: Easy
Difficulty Level: Easy
Frustration Level: Low
Cost: 0 (already had the materials from last project for the Snowman)