Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentines Day Kids Spa

Sometimes I am tempted to just pick up candy hearts and give them to my kid's for Valentines Day but I want them to learn that gift giving is not what you can buy in a store, its what you give of yourself. Also, when you give of yourself you are also getting something in return.

Every year I give my kids a spa day on Valentines day. They absolutely love it and so do I. A spa is really easy to recreate because it is basically an event for your 5 senses. 
Taste: spa water drinks and teas.
Sound: soothing tunes.
Smell: soothing scents.
Touch: warm back, arm and hand rubs
Sight: decorated environment. I do this by lighting the room with mini lights. Kids are easy to please.

First I hand them their spa menu for the evening as soon as they walk into the door from school. However, this all starts after homework is completed. Who ever gets the homework done first, gets to be the first spa customer. 

1) There is nothing like a hot Mr. Bubble, bubble bath with soothing tunes playing from the radio and a cool refreshing cucumber/mint water to start off your relaxing spa day. 

2)Spa's always have cucumber water available because its easy to make, slice up some cucumbers, put them in a  pitcher with ice, mint leaves (or fresh lavender and lemon) and water and VIOLA a refreshing drink!  

3) Coconut suntan oil always remind me of the beach, its safe to use on skin and it is a great olfactory experience for relaxation. Though I'd never use an SPF 4 for sun protection! That's Crazy!

4) I have rose hips in a jar, so I boil water and make a rosehip tea, let it cool until it is warm and put it in a spray bottle. It is really nice after a refreshing massage. Different smells is what really gives this the true spa experience. After a day, you are going to have to toss out the rose water and wash out the mister bottle because it gets bacteria if it sits out and goes bad. I found this out the hard way.

5) After the massage I load the kids up with hot towels. I have this towel warmer that my friend gave me one Christmas (I'm not sure how I ever survived the winter without it), but you can just put the towels in the dryer to get the same effect.

6) Hot teas are also a spa favorite. My kids love mint. Celestial Seasonings has a nice selection of herbal teas that your kids may really enjoy.

7) Paraffin wax warmer I received at my wedding shower 10+ years ago. Since the kids turned 2, I think I have used it on them more than myself.

8) My kid's favorite dinner is swordfish and broccoli. Strange and expensive, I know, but at least it is healthy.

9) Nothing says I love you like Carvell icecream cake.

10)Whats more fun than snuggling with your parents and watching tv in their big king size bed decorated with pink heart lights?

11)...Unless you are reading your favorite book and getting kisses.