Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Science Fair - 4th Grade

Last year's science project on the nervous system
I hear a lot of parents complain about the science fair, and I have to be honest with you, I don't get it. Maybe I have a different perspective because I've been working in medical research for 20 years so I look at it as a great way to get my children exposed to my profession. 

The way the student sets up the station for the project is a replica of engineering trade shows, science meetings and medical meetings. I would say that this project is more like a real life adult profession than anything you ever learn in elementary school.

Having fun with a crystal kit from the craft store.
We do science projects all the time at our home. Crafts stores are a great resource for science kits. If all else flails, buy a kit. No one will ever know.

I think the hardest thing about the science fair is finding your objective. What people don't realize is science is all around you. You can turn almost any interest into a science project. For example, this year my daughter was fascinated with the new addition to the family. My 9-year old daughter couldn't get enough time holding and playing with her new cousin. I showed her a few of the primitive infant reflexes and she decided Nathan would be her science project.

We looked online at the primitive reflexes and infant vision experiments then we chose time intervals to do our assessments on our subject. I helped my daughter map out a plan to her project and videotaped my daughter perform the assessments. Then we edited the video together using Windows Movie Maker. We will load the video on her Ipad and bring it to the fair. Project finished! Easy Peezy!

We hope you enjoy our 6 minute educational video!

We are still working on the spelling errors. Please excuse.