Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mixed Media Art Dresses

 Yikes, I've been so busy with a back up of creations that I don't have time to blog the directions. It is more complex with mixed media art because the process is creative and haphazard. I grab a bunch of papers, paints and doodads then just start gluing and decoupaging. After an hour I've created an absolute mess I look up and think "Oh No, I forgot to take pictures. The very first time I did canvas mixed media art I was very careful to write the directions (see here). However now, i'm an unorganized mess, so if I skip a few steps here, please forgive me.

My friend opened up her new store in the summer and I wanted to bring her something that she could hang up that was personal. She loves bling, accessories and the Disney Princesses so I decided to make her 3 mixed media canvas creations.

Acrylic paint
Piece of bubble wrap
Scrap book paper
Butter fly stamps
Aleene's craft glue
Fuzzy things, tulle or any fabric you found around the house

First I painted the canvases a base of 3 colors, red, burgundy and black, using the bubble wrap to blend the colors together.

I drew up some paper tracers on card stock as a template so I could make dresses hats and purses out of the scrap book paper. I wish I could share the template with you, but I forgot to scan them in DOH!

Once Upon a time is my most favorite craft paper (hint hint if anyone is looking for a gift for my up coming birthday). I used this paper for part of the back ground because it blended in nicely with the background I painted. I ran the scrap book paper through the printer and printed out: 

"A pair of shoes can change your life, Just ask Cinderella"

"It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that bling"

"Where friends come first, style is a bonus" (this happens to be her store saying)

I used the gold wire that I had in my beading kit to create mini coat hangers for the dresses and added rhinestones, tulle or fuzzy to them to give the looks you see here. 

After the glue on the canvas dried, and I stamped the background with butterflies and white ink then used Modpodge all over the background. When the modpodge finally dried, I glued on the dresses. 

You can see them in person at Girlfriends On Main