Thursday, April 30, 2015

5th Grade Science Fair

Every year, My kids are just fascinated with private Christmas light show display that we find on the Facebook Page Christmas Lights of NJ. We bucket list all the home displays at Christmas. This one Particular show in Mt. Laurel is just stunning every year with new sequences (dancing lights to music) to keep us entertained for hours.  The entire time while i'm trying to watch this light display, my 6 year old son continues to repeat, "HOW DO THEY DO THAT MOM??!?!?" 

Finally my 10 year old asks "CAN WE DO IT???" And I thought... Why not?  Lets do it for the Science Fair in the spring.

So I set out to investigate how to do it and there were so many confusing options. I spent hours searching the internet trying to figure out what to do. And unfortunately, most companies were less than helpful. So you can imagine my delight when I came across someone who was willing to help. Laurie from Reinders bent over backwards helping me set up what I wanted to do with my daughter and her friends for the 5th grade science fair. 

You have the option to easily purchase everything already programmed and set up your lights display, however, being a programmer myself, I wanted to teach my daughter and her friends what it was like to to do my job and this as the perfect opportunity. We set up a 72 light matrix display and got to work.

It took me a little while to get use to the LightShow Pro software and then teach the girls how to use it. I owe all our success in our project to Paul Hayden from Reinders who Helped us tremendously. He took so much time and effort helping with the setup and working with me so that I could quickly understand Lightshow Pro. We programmed 3 different music Sequences each to songs that were related to science or school. Yes I said, "EACH", I had to join in the fun too!

The girls were great, they spent hours upon hours learning Lightshow Pro and creating fun music sequences. They learned so much too!!! It only took them about 20 minutes each to write up their section of the report that we displayed right on the board with the lights.

I can't express to you what a show stopper the kid's display was at the science fair!!! 

My only regret is that I should have purchased MORE LIGHTS. When ever purchasing RGB LED lights for a Christmas display, buy twice as many as you think you need! That's my advice!

Thank you!!! 
And thank you again Paul, we couldn't have done it without you!